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Based in the heart of London – home to the world’s biggest brands; we have been crafting finely tailored shirts since 1957.

Croydon believes in consistently providing our customers with smart formals at affordable prices. Across all our business we aim to retain a high standard and our focus is always on the customer, providing exceptional services, as this is what defines Croydon and makes us stand apart from the others.

Croydon has consistently delighted our customers by presenting flavour changes that suit the season and trends that take the market by storm. Based in the heart of London – home to the world’s biggest brands; we have been crafting finely tailored shirts since 1957.

Our foray into the India heartland will retain all of the principles as when we first started out. Our fabrics have the finest count and the fits are perfectly cut to suit a gentleman and impart a smart fomal look that is our signature.Look sharp, sleep and ready for any event with our selection of men’s formal shirts. Whether you’re looking for long sleeves or short, slim fit or tailored, our range of branded and designer shirts will suit every date in your diary.

In 1957 when US on the west was eventfully launching its firstsatellite, and Soviet Union to the north was invading the space with the Sputniks, Singapore celebrated the self rule in the south and India sighed a decade of Independence in the east, our tailors were busy crafting identities for the contemporary class of London. The stitches soon swayed the world of its feet and rest was history. Today Croydon is the primary choice of the elites and the millennial alike, across the continents.

India, as a country of fashion freaks, widely accepted the shades and was indeed a token of appreciation for us. Croydon’s success mantra irrespective of the geography would be the refined customer service that has been well preserved, maintained and imparted across these many years. The prevailing English influence has been passed on to the attires magnificently and the company succeeded in associating the brand with prestige of the elite and the affordability of the commoners. Today Croydon beyond a small town in London is a famed sartorial brand known after its finest fabrics, ingenious design, trendy outfit, perfect stiches and rare yet colorful shades.


Beyond every philosophy, yes, the dressing code and style has everything to do with your persona. You could be judged, loved, and prized based on the way you garb. It plugs you with confidence and institutes the ability to put forth the new you. Croydon makes sure that it’s elatedly crafted pattern outfits every class and bring out the gentleman in them.


Its indeed a rare blend to keep things simple and uphold the essentiality at the same time. Croydon trusts in its simplicity that is classic enough to upkeep the essentiality. The material speaks for itself and the style integrates, providing you with an elegant look and feel of a trendsetter.


Its all about your attitude that keeps you going. It’s a progressive aura that you wear, capable enough to influence the onlookers all the way you trod. Ignore the enviable eyes and relish the new arrogance fashioned exclusively for you by Croydon. The backbites and murmurs get snubbed in your style as you move forward.


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